Reviews & Criticism

Forthcoming: Review of ‘Citizen’s Wealth’ by Angela Cummine (in Global Policy Journal)
Living in the Age of Consequences” (Indie Film Minute)
Franzen’s ‘Purity’ Attempts to Squash Idealism” (Lemon Quarterly)
7 Political Films By Women To Watch Before Inauguration Day” (Indie Film Minute)
Hypernormalisation: A Film For Our Post-Truth Present” (Indie Film Minute)
Young Adult and Unlikeable Women” (Indie Film Minute)
Look Who’s Back: On the Politics of History Repeating” (Indie Film Minute)
Riots Reframed: Reclaiming The Narrative” (Indie Film Minute)
More Than Meets The Eye In The Sky” (Indie Film Minute)
Dirty, Pretty Things” (Indie Film Minute)
Girlhood’s Marieme Takes The Reins” (Indie Film Minute)
Questioning the Science of Desire: ‘What Do Women Want?’” (Lemon Quarterly)
Grandma Offers a Path Forward For Feminism” (Indie Film Minute)
Beasts Of No Nation: Lessons On Leadership” (Indie Film Minute)
Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s Heroic Stragglers” (Indie Film Minute)
The Family Dynamics of Force Majeur” (Indie Film Minute)
Minnie Goetz: A New Type of Teenage Girl“(Indie Film Minute)
Minimizing Gender Tropes to Maximize Survival In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’” (Lemon Quarterly)